Rebar Wire Tying Machine – RB655/CE


Weight: 2.4 kgs
Dimensions: 295x102x306mm

A robust, ergonomically designed unit needs less training time and is fast and economical to use.  A one hand operation that reduces strain on the wrist and forearm also helps prevent RSI injuries.  Comes with comfortable rubber grip.

Carry case included


  • Floor slabs
  • Beams
  • Roads
  • Piles
  • Walls
  • General steel fixings
  • Secure Underfloor heating pipes
  • For bar sizes 20 to 51

Benefits of the System

  • Fast and economical
  • Saves time and money
  • Reduced training time
  • No strain on wrist of fore-arm
  • One had operation
  • Helps prevent RSI injuries
  • Very high speed operation
  • CE approved
Product Code Carton Quantity

Quantity of ties

TW897A tying wire 50 Spools 120 per spool 6000 per carton
TW897SS stainless   steel tying wire 50 Spools 120 per spool 6000 per carton
TW1525PC plastic   coated tying wire 50 Spools 180-220 per spool 6000-8000 per   carton


ACCESSORIESBattery – JP509HCharger – JC524H

Walking Stick – RB660

Rebar Tying Tool Information Video

Rebar Tying Tool Brochure